Looks like Samsung is on a roll of making innovations in displays. First of all, Samsung released the Galaxy Fold which became the first flagship foldable smartphone that would be commercially available this year. Now, Samsung has applied for a new patent to innovate on the displays of laptops. In particular, Samsung is looking to have a unique display for gaming laptops with its new patent.

This patent from Samsung reveals that the company might be working on a gaming laptop with an extendable display. This means that you have a normal display for your gaming laptop. However, you can expand the display from both sides to extend it further for wider viewing angle. This is same as ultra wide monitors that we get for gaming laptops.

Samsung filed this patent with the KIPO or Korean Intellectual Property Office in December 2018 but it was published on June 3, 2019, a full six months later. It now becomes the intellectual property of Samsung and no one else can have the same design as Samsung’s on their gaming laptop. However, we have seen that manufacturers often find workarounds and produce similar-looking products without issues.

Apart from the display expansion, Samsung’s patent also reveals a huge space between the display and keyboard/touchpad area. This means that Samsung might also be looking to place the second display in that area. Or it might also be a cooling area as it is a gaming laptop. Samsung’s patent reveals that the standard display will be a 16:9 while on expansion, the display will have a 21:9 aspect ratio.

The patent filing also reveals that the display area of the laptop will get 50% wider when the display is expanded. This means that you can have a 150% viewing area rather than the 100% viewing area from earlier. However, the patent designs do not show anything about how the display will be expanded from the normal position which looks to be a tedious task.

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