Samsung Display to set up a new production line in South Korea that will be responsible for OLED panels

According to the latest news, Samsung Display is planning on setting up a new production line that will be responsible for the production of notebook or notebook OLED display panels. The production line will be set at its A4 factory in Asan, South Korean.

TheElec reported that Samsung will be opening a new production line with a capacity of 30,000 substrates per month. The production line will be responsible for the production of mid-sized OLED display panels that are in the 18 to 20 inches range. In general, these display panels are found in laptops.

The report conveyed that at the moment, the plan has been internally dubbed as N Project where the letter N stands for notebooks. It is worth mention that previously it was called notebook liquid crystal display (LCD) lines.

Samsung will begin placing orders for the equipment that will be required at the new production line from this year’s summer and then these will be placed in the new line within 2021 itself or in early 2022.

Note that since Samsung Display is already producing notebook OLED panels, it would not take long to ramp up production after the new line is set up and the equipment is installed. The move also marks the company’s growth towards IT products to meet the growing demand, especially for laptops. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for PCs and laptops increased globally.

Last month, the company even announced that it planned to launch over ten new kinds of notebook OLED panels within 2020 as it expects sales to grow by five folds in 2020.