Samsung has filled a patent for S Pen with a camera having optical zoom

Samsung released the latest Galaxy Note smartphone last year. This was the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Interestingly, the Galaxy Note 9 came with an S Pen having Bluetooth functionality. Therefore, you can click selfies with the S Pen in your hand on your smartphone. Also, we know that there are too many people who love their S Pen. This is also a big reason why the Galaxy Note series has been popular.

We have now seen a patent filed by Samsung. This patent is regarding the S Pen seen on the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. As per the patent, Samsung is planning to include a built-in camera with optical zoom on the S Pen. Now, this could be interesting as we should now be able to click selfies directly from the S Pen. As far as the patent is concerned, it has also been approved by theĀ United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We have also come to know that the patent is not filed recently at all. Samsung filed this patent in the first quarter of 2017. However, the patent was pending until now as it has just been approved. Therefore, we just might see the S Pen on Galaxy Note 10 with a built-in camera.

S Pen with built-in camera

Now, this patent was discovered by Patently Mobile. We can also have a look at the drawings found inside the patent from Samsung. Also, we might also see a smartphone without any selfie camera if this patent comes into action. This would mean that we will say goodbye to notches and display holes.

Since the patent was filed in 2017, we think that Samsung is already working on its implementation. Therefore, it is enough time for the company to implement this into their smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S10 series on February 20 in Barcelona.