Apple is known to be a little conservative when it comes to its iPhones. We have seen time and again that the latest iPhones do not necessarily have the latest technology. Apple adopted the trend of wireless charging with the iPhone 8 whereas the technology was available much earlier. Similarly, we still do not get wireless chargers out of the box for some reason. Also, Apple is not too keen on trying new technologies for their iPhones.

But it seems like the company is now trying for some innovations. This is because a patent reveals that Apple may be working to release foldable iPhone. We know that foldable technology is very premature at the moment. Samsung and Huawei are the only companies to have released a foldable phone. And knowing Apple, no one expects them to release a foldable iPhone.

However, the company has filed a patent to register its foldable iPhone concept. This patent has been filed to the US Patent Office. The patent filing was found out and reported by Patently Apple. This patent from Apple focuses on producing heat inside the foldable phones to prevent them from cracking. This happens under extremely cold conditions, especially in the US, when the display folds.

Apple has filed this patent to create an internal heating system for the folding device’s hinges. The application reads “To facilitate bending about the bend axis without damage when the display is cold, a portion of the display that overlaps the bend axis may be selectively heated,”

Apple foldable iPhone patent

Moreover, the patent application also mentions that “the bend axis may be self-heated by illuminating pixels in the portion of the display that overlaps the bend axis or may be heated using a heating element or other heating structure that provides heat to the portion of the display overlapping the bend axis.”. We do not know for certain if this patent will come to action but there are reports regarding a foldable iPhone in 2020.

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