Recently, it is observed that Apple is focusing more and more on the environment and due to this, the company is gradually removing the charging adapter of its devices from their boxes.

So far, almost every one of us has either kept our electronic device box unused or thrown it away as a piece of garbage. It seems it is time to change the traditional usage of electronic device boxes because a Redditor included a wall adapter in the box of its devices and made the box itself a wireless charger.

The Redditor posted a video where it is shown that a man is wirelessly charging his AirPods Pro by putting it on the surface of its own box. If you are interested then you can check this out yourself through the given link. Here, the man is seen placing his AirPods Pro case on a box of an AirPods Pro and as soon as he does this, it is seen that the green charging indicator instantly pops up on the case.

Redditor generated charge from his AirPods Box like a genuine wireless charger
Redditor generated charge from his AirPods Box like a genuine wireless charger

At first, it seemed unbelievable and astonishing. While checking out how this man was able to achieve this feat, it is found that the man has discussed about the process in the comments section of the post.

u/UpstairsTaxi, The Reddit post creator wrote“there are ready-to-use wireless charging circuits or like 10 bucks on amazon.”

This means, this person has gone to Amazon’s official e-commerce website and got himself one of the DIY wireless charger kits and then he took the circuit and connected it to the box of the AirPods Pro.

In one of the replies to the post, the creator further elaborated his method by writing “So from an electrical perspective, this was a really easy project.”

Frankly, the fact that a simple box of an electronic device has the potential to be used as a wireless charger is pretty crazy yet amazing. However, it seems to be a nice opportunity as well. With this, from now on, the companies might start to encourage their customers to keep the boxes of their electronic products.

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