A Millionaire wants to arrange PUBG in Real Life on a Private Island

You must be playing PUBG on your smartphone or PC and enjoying it. However, you might have also imagined a scenario where you are playing PUBG in real life. But that is just a imagination and can never be a reality. If you have ever thought so, your dream can soon be a reality.

Yes, this is because a millionaire has announced that he is planning to organize a real life PUBG game but with real humans. According to the millionaire, the real life PUBG will have 100 players fighting with each other in a battle royale. The last men standing will take home a jackpot of £100,000

Real life Battle Royale
Real life Battle Royale

Also, the millionaire who has not yet revealed his identity is also offering £45,000 to the one who will organize this event for him. He needs someone who is a gamer and has experience of organizing such events. This was found on an advertisement found on HushHush.com. The advertisement reads “We’re looking for someone who can help design the arena for a 100-person battle royale inspired event.”

Now, if you have not heard about HushHush.com then it is referred to as Amazon for rich people. The website lists things such as property to private aircrafts, jewellery and luxury yachts which can be afforded by select few millionaires only. As the ad was seen on this website, we feel that this is a real thing and the billionaire might really go ahead with his plan.

Also revealed is that the competition will be held for 3 days and it will take place 12 hours a day. The contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammunition and touch-sensitive body armour for fighting the other contestants. Obviously, food and camping will also be provided at this event for all the participants. The ad also tells that this might turn out to be an annual event if the first edition is a success.