According to the latest news, Razer’s Seiren Mini microphone sets are ready for aspiring streamers. Razer has priced the Seiren Mini microphone at the rate of US $ 50. It promises ‘studio-grade’ sound in a compact as well as cheap design.

A quality microphone is very important if you are going to reel people into your live streams. Similarly, due to the pandemic, almost all of us have to work from home nowadays. Attending important calls, webinars, and online meetings have turned into a regular business. Almost in every case, we can’t utilize the best without a microphone. The phone’s sound does not absorb unwanted noise.

However, most microphones come with an overly expensive price tag that might lead you to put off that purchase. It seems that Razer is thinking of changing this by betting on affordable microphones without any compromisation in the feature list. Razer believes that it can make decent mics more accessible.

Razer's Seiren Mini microphone priced $50 is available for sale
Razer’s Seiren Mini microphone

Razer has introduced a Seiren Mini mic that promises “studio-grade” sound. It comes in a compact shape (6.42 inches tall) and with an affordable price tag at the just US $50. However, it should be noted that this USB-based Seiren Mini microphone is not as elaborate as other Seiren mics but still it includes a super-cardioid pickup pattern to reduce ambient noise.

It comes with a 14 mm condenser capsule to produce a “crisp and accurate” sound. The microphone also comes with a built-in shock mount to minimize desk vibrations and a tilting stand to keep the mic in position.

Seiren Mini microphone is now available for purchase. It can be bought from the official website of Razer and other retailers. It should not be mistaken for a premium boom mic. It is more about providing a good enough upgrade from a headset mic. Particularly, it might be a viable option for budding podcasters who want to dip into the category without splurging on costly equipment.

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