Raspberry Pi was believed to be a sensation when it launched because it was believed to be the future of PCs. However, it has gone under the radar somewhat in recent times. Although that does not mean that Raspberry Pi has faded, we are wanting to see a refresh. Now, we finally got what we wanted as Raspberry Pi 4 is released.

It is just a board with a bunch of ports, processor and Ethernet which is all you need for a workstation based on ARM. The main thing that attracts everyone to Raspberry Pi is its size which is no bigger than a credit card.

With the latest Raspberry Pi 4, we have a much-improved processor on this model as opposed to its predecessors. This new model is much more powerful and the Raspberry Pi team claims that it will give a “full desktop experience”.

Raspberry Pi 4 announced with up to 4GB RAM and support for dual 4K displays
Raspberry Pi 4 announced with up to 4GB RAM and support for dual 4K displays

One thing that was needed for it to have a full desktop experience was support for an external monitor. And Raspberry Pi 4 comes with dual 4K monitor support which is more than enough. Also, there is now a USB-C port for power supply and USB 2 as well as USB 3 ports. There is now a port for Gigabit Ethernet too.

Raspberry Pi 4 Specs
Raspberry Pi 4 Specs

More interestingly, you now get choice of RAM too which comes in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB variants. Now, this board based on Intel processors would cost you at least a $100. However, Raspberry Pi 4 based on AMD just starts at $35 for 1GB RAM. The 4GB RAM variant of Raspberry Pi 4 is available in India for Rs. 3960 which is less than $60.

Also, the Raspberry Pi team is selling a case with Pi 4 to make it look attractive and appeal to a lot more users. The full Raspberry Pi 4 kit with case, cables and everything included are sold for Rs. 8760 or $120 which gives you everything that you need for a desktop. For more details, check their official website.

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