Racemouse: The ultra-small wireless mouse with Laser Pointer

RaceMouse is an ultra-portable multifunctional all in one travel mouse with universal compatibility. RaceMouse can be converted into a wireless desktop mouse, or a sleek air mouse, or a compact touchpad, or a laser presenter, or a universal remote control. If you are a great fan of neat and uncluttered workstation, then there is no need for you to deal with cords or to plug and unplug a bulky receiver.

RaceMouse pairs quickly with almost any device. The pairing is done via Bluetooth. It can be paired with a phone, a Macbook, a Windows device, an iPad, a tablet, and even a smart TV.

The palm size RaceMouse in Desktop Mode minimizes the amount of required workspace while increasing the user’s efficiency through various movements and hand gestures. Similarly, in Free Mode, you will be able to take full command of your system and leave the desk and keyboard behind. It uses intuitive hand gestures to allow you to accurately control the cursor and more for smooth and precise operation.

Racemouse: The ultra-small wireless mouse with Laser Pointer
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Eventually, it can be turned into a capable handheld presenter which means with simple hand gestures, you will be able to scroll up/down/right/left, zoom in and out, and control slide decks.

RaceMouse comes with a built-in laser pointer. All you have to do is simply press the side button to turn it on. With this, you will be able to enjoy a more expressive and interactive experience during a presentation.

The best part of RaceMouse is its lightweight. Today, in the era of technology, you might find plenty of gadgets that help you in multi-functioning but none will provide you RaceMouse’s comfort and precision at your fingertips in a portable package at such a weight. The mouse is so small that it can even fit in your pocket or bag. It weighs only 27g.

RaceMouse can offer you service up to 40 continuous hours. It can be charged with USB Type C port. Powered by fast charge technology, it gets fully charged within just one hour.

To learn more about the RaceMouse, check out the Kickstarter webpage.