Qualcomm wants Apple to pay them $31 million because of damages

Apple and Qualcomm are known to be fighting over patents for a long time. We recently heard that Apple was banned from selling iPhones in Germany. Later, Apple decided to sell its iPhones powered by Qualcomm chips in Germany. Now, Qualcomm has once again sued Apple in the San Deigo court. This latest suit is regarding patents and damages caused to Qualcomm because of them.

Qualcomm has claimed that Apple infringed three patents which were awarded to them. Therefore, Qualcomm has had to suffer losses due to this patent infringements. Thus, Qualcomm demands $31 million for damages caused by Apple. Also, Apple’s witness named Diego Silva was one of the star witnesses in this case. However, he did not board his flight to attend the hearing.

Apple accused Qualcomm of witness tampering and said that Silva is a ‘tainted witness’. After that, Apple has now come out to say that Silva will be available to testify next week. Adding further details about this case, Qualcomm has demanded $1.40 per iPhone in damages caused to them. This equates to a total of $31 million.

As per CNet, “The damages are for iPhones sold from July 2017 and contain chips used by Intel, which replaced Qualcomm as a components supplier. In 2016, the company started using Intel modems in some models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Now, Apple has opted for Intel’s modems over Qualcomm’s in all its latest phones.”

Regarding the three patent for which Apple has been sued by Qualcomm, one of them includes patent which enables a smartphone to quickly connect to the Internet after it’s powered on. Another patent is regarding how a modem and processor work together to handle downloading apps. The third patent is regarding management of graphics processing and battery life. Also, Apple is expected to sue Qualcomm due to its alleged antitrust practices.