PUBG Corp’s 2018 revenue crossed the $920 million mark

We know that PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battleground has become extremely popular in the recent times. We have seen that the game has been downloaded and played in huge number worldwide. However, this also means that the game will be doing pretty well in terms of generating revenue too. Yes, that’s exactly what the numbers revealed by PUBG Corp show.

According to PUBG Corp which is the publisher of Player’s Unknown Battleground, the game has generated a revenue of $920 million in 2018 itself. Now, it is also surprising to see that about $790 million of this came from PUBG’s PC users. As for others, PUBG Mobile generated a revenue of $65 million last year. It is also found out that Console players also contributed to $58 million in PUBG Corp’s revenue. The final $6 million have been generated from other sources says PUBG Corp.

Now, you would be thinking that the Mobile revenue for PUBG is pretty low as compared to its PC revenue. Also, it is same as Console’s revenue which should not be so because Mobile users playing PUBG are 10-20x more than Console players. The reason for this gap is because PUBG’s Mobile game was developed by Tencent. Therefore, the revenue generated by Tencent games is not reflected in this data.

Interestingly, this revenue data also reveals that PUBG Corp generated majority of its revenue from Asia. In terms of numbers, PUBG Corp generated 53% orĀ $487 million of its revenue last year from Asia. Now, this is a staggering number as well as it also points to the fact that paying customers in Asia are increasing.

Earlier, there used to be a notion that just the users outside Asia spend on games and apps online. This is definitely true anymore as seen by PUBG Corp’s revenue data. We can therefore claim that it is time developers start focusing on Asian consumers too as much as non-Asian users.