In general, PUBG always introduces new outfits and weapon skins with every update of PUBG  Mobile. And the outfits usually tie in with the theme of the latest Season Event as well but according to recent reports, PUBG might introduce a vehicle customization feature as well in PUBG Mobile with its upcoming update. This will allow users to give their vehicles a custom paint-job.

Moreover, it seems that you will be eligible for this vehicle modification only if you have obtained a vehicle finish for any of the in-game vehicles so far. This means, all PUBG Mobile players won’t have access to the new customization features but in case they want to enjoy this feature, they will have to purchase a vehicle finish. This update will also allow the purchase of vehicle finishes.

Mr. Ghost Gaming uploaded a demo video on YouTube which shows how players will get complete control over the look of their vehicle. In the video, he customized a Dacia 1300 and it seems that one can modify each and every part of the vehicle starting from fender’s color to the seat covers and wheels

Upcoming PUBG Mobile Update might allow Vehicle Customization
Upcoming PUBG Mobile Update might allow Vehicle Customization

In order to do this, you have to start at Level 1 which is custom vehicle color and then you will have to climb up the level ladders to be able to gain access to other customization features.

However, it seems that vehicle modification won’t come free and you will have to shell out somewhere between 500 battle points to 40 silver coins.

This vehicle modification feature has been spotted in the latest PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 beta update. The beta update also includes a new ‘Death Race mode with which you will be able to wreck your enemy’s vehicles using your own vehicle.

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