PUBG Mobile developers working on new patch that fixes DDoS Attack

Just to let you know, even though, PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September, it is still playable. It can’t be downloaded from a legitimate source such as Apple App Store and Google Play store but it can be downloaded from other locations and played in other country servers.

PUBG Mobile was among the 118 apps that were banned by the Indian government. PUBG Corp, the unit of the South Korean firm behind the game, then announced that it would no longer give Tencent Games the rights to publish the game in India but however, a recent report states this new ownership structure is unlikely to change things immediately due to the violent nature of the game.

According to the latest news, the PUBG Mobile team will soon introduce a new anti-cheat system. For the past few days, PUBG Mobile experienced a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and the latest news confirms that the developers are working on it. It seems, they will soon add a new anti-cheat patch.

PUBG Mobile team has shared through its social media accounts that it is encountering several waves of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks which is causing some players to be disconnected from the game. The best thing that the company did here is acknowledging the issue. Many good companies, don’t do this and loses lots of faithful players every year.

PUBG Mobile developers working on new patch that fixes DDoS Attack
PUBG Mobile developers working on new patch that fixes DDoS Attack

Here, in this case, the PUBG Mobile team shared that they are working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. They also revealed that the new anti-cheat patch will be rolled out soon. As of now, before the patch is rolled, some security team members have been tasked with stopping the hackers and cheaters. PUBG Mobile shared this development on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord accounts.

PUBG MOBILE Community Team posted on Discord “We are currently encountering several waves of DDoS attacks against our systems that are causing players to disconnect. Our team immediately started taking action and is working closely with local Internet service providers to resolve the issue. We aim to bring back the normal gaming experience to our players as soon as possible.”

Likewise, the most recent tweet from the PUBG Mobile team conveyed that they are still working to resolve the DDoS attacks against their systems and the new hacking issues. They also mentioned in the Twitter post that there is no timeline set when players can expect a resolution.

The company has shared on Facebook that a new anti-cheat patch will be released soon. The posted “Like our players, we have always had a zero-tolerance policy against cheating and hacking.”