Tencent Games might soon launch PUBG Lite in India

We know that PUBG has made a revolution in India and around the world. Now, one of the reasons behind it is that the game is played by millions of users. The more users play the game, the more popularity the game gets and Tencent Games knows this rule. However, we also know that PUBG has certain hardware requirements which are needed for the smooth performance of this game.

This is also a limitation for many users, especially in developing markets like India. Because we know that there are people who cannot afford to use a mid-range smartphone. Thus, they have to rely on budget smartphones which have not-so-smooth PUBG performance and game may not even work sometimes. It looks like Tencent Games has understood this problem faced by many and have come up with a solution.


And the solution from Tencent Games is a new version of PUBG called ‘PUBG Lite’. Well, as the name suggests, PUBG Lite will be a much smaller version of PUBG. It will also be optimized for low-end hardware same as other apps such as Facebook Lite etcetera. Apart from that, PUBG Lite will consume much lesser data compared to PUBG. Now, you should note that PUBG Lite is coming to India but India is not the first country to have this game released.

PUBG Lite is already available in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil and now India. At the moment, PUB Lite’s official release date in India seems to be June 13, 2019. Because PUBG’s first official event in Kolkata is being held on that day. We expect Tencent Games to announce the availability of PUBG Lite at this event. While nothing regarding PUBG Lite is revealed, we expect the game to be supported on a smartphone with a minimum of 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. This means you can now play PUBG Lite with great performance on your Android Go smartphones too.