PUBG Mobile celebrates completion of 1 year with an anniversary update

PUBG, the viral game which has made everyone a gamer has completed its first year since launch. Last year, PUBG Mobile was launched on Android and iOS. Ever since then, the game has been adding players day by day. Currently, PUBG Mobile has 30 million active players playing the game monthly. As the game has completed an year in the industry, its developers have released an anniversary update.

In this update, there have been several feature additions and new weapons have also been added. The makers of PUBG, Tencent Games, have released the 0.11.5 update of this game. As far as the update size is concerned, you need to have 212 MB data to download this update. It has been reported that the gameplay has been improved with this update. Apart from that, this update also brings additions like a new weapon, vehicle and Royal Pass subscription packs.

PUBG now also has dynamic weather for two of its maps, Erangel and Miramar. This means that the weather changes in both these maps similar to natural weather conditions. Along with that, PUBG Mobile is now in Season 6 of its running. It also comes with two new subscription packs, Prime and Prime Plus. However, these plans will be available to the users from early April. These subscription packs are said to offer 80% discounts on crates along with free UC, Royal Pass points.

The changelog also says that in Royale Pass, players will now be able to view RP rankings of the entire region and also the friends directly from the Royale Pass page. Interestingly, you can now organize birthday parties on Spawn Island and see light fireworks while they can collect crates during matches. Randomly spawned birthday cakes will also have rewards and surprises inside them. You can also open the boxes after the game to get surprises.