We know that it has been a while since the PlayStation 4 from Sony was launched. Also, the next gaming console, PS5, from Sony is expected next year. But before that, Sony has launched yet-another limited edition PS4 console. This is the “Days of Play” edition of the ever-popular PS4. And this announcement was done by Sony at its State of Play video broadcast earlier this week.

As for the looks, this limited edition console comes with triangle, circle, X and square logos on the side. Also, they have a steel-grey look which looks pretty slick. The Dualshock 4 controller packed with this console also matches the look. Talking about slick, this limited edition console comes with 1TB storage of the PS4 Slim.

Although Sony did not announce pricing of this limited edition PS4 console, it is expected to be priced around $300 in the US. This is similar to the pricing of normal PS4 Slim’s base model. This means that the pricing is great if you want to take a limited edition PS4 rather than the regular 500GB PS4 Slim.

As far as availability is concerned, we assume that the PS4 “Days of Play” edition will be available in June. This falls in line with the Days of Play event which is also starting in June. If you are not aware of the Days of Play event, it is Sony’s annual PlayStation event in which Sony offers deals on games and hardware.

We definitely know, however, that PS5 will not be shown at this event for this year at least. However, Sony mentioned this week that super-fast SSDs will be the key to its latest PS5 console. There is a high possibility that PS5 from Sony will be released next year but we may see a delay in its release as well.

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