Google Pixel 4’s codenames are leaked from AOSP source code

If you have been following Google’s product strategy closely, you would know that the Pixel 4 series will be released this year. However, we still have close to 6 months left for that to happen. Still, the leaks and rumors regarding Pixel 4 are not going to stop till the launch. And yes, the leaks of the next Pixel have already started. Also, there is plenty of hype and excitement around the Pixel 4 this time. This is because the design of Pixel 4 series is expected to be better than ever.

According to earlier reports, Pixel 4 is going to have a bezelless display with dual cameras on the back. However, the excitement is that it will have dual cameras on the front too. Also, the front cameras will be embedded inside the display. Apart from that, we are hearing that the Pixel 4 will also have in-display fingerprint scanners.

We should also see the Pixel 4 series this time with 6GB of RAM and more. Also, the internal storage of the device might be bumped up a bit. All this makes for an exciting Pixel device later this year. Also, it is quite clear that Pixel now has the best camera of any smartphone in the market. This is thanks to Google’s software and its HDR+ mode.

But we now have the first proof that Pixel 4 series is in development and might be in the hands of some of the developers at Google. In the recent commit to AOSP source code, 9to5Google found a comment from a Googler. This comment reveals the codenames of Pixel devices which has the Pixel 4 codenames as well.

Pixel 4 codenames
Pixel 4 codenames

The codenames in this source code are Bonito, Coral, Crosshatch, Marlin, Needlefish, and Wahoo. However, Marlin is the codename for Pixel XL, Wahoo for Pixel 2 series and Crosshatch for Pixel 3 XL. This means that the codenames, Needlefish and Coral are the newly added ones.

Now, Coral is already said to be the codename for Pixel 4 but we also know that Pixel 4 XL’s codename is Flame. So we are not sure which device has the Needlefish codename. This could well be a new Pixel device from Google such as tablet or Pixelbook.