Google has been working on a affordable version of its premium Pixel 3 series. However, the company did not reveal about this last year. From the past few weeks, we have been getting leaks and renders about the upcoming affordable Pixel lineup from Google. Also, the name of this series has also been revealed. And it is expected that Google’s upcoming Pixel lineup of upper mid-range smartphones will be called the Pixel 3a series.

However, we were not aware about the expected price of Pixel 3a series prices prior to this. But that is about to change as we now have the leaked price of Pixel 3a series. This prices are available to us from somwhere in Canada as the pricing is in Canadian Dollars. Talking about the price, this leaked image reveals that Pixel 3a will cost CAD 650 which when converted to INR is close to Rs. 34000.

Pixel 3a series pricing
Pixel 3a series pricing

On the other hand, Pixel 3a XL which will be the bigger version in Pixel 3a series will start at CAD 800 which is close to Rs. 41,000 in India. Now, you would think that the price of Pixel 3a series in India is much higher to the competition. However, we have to keep in mind that Pixel 3a series will probably have the best camera out of the upper mid-range smartphones in India. Also, you get the latest Android updates as it is a Pixel smartphone.

Talking about the Pixel 3a, it is codenamed as Sargo whereas the Pixel 3a XL is codenamed as Bonito. However, we have contrasting reports about the Pixel 3a series codenames. Thus, the codenames remain to be seen when the device officially launches. Also, we might get slightly lower prices of the Pixel 3a series in India. This is because the smartphones are targeted for Indian users so the pricing has to be set according to the Indian market as well.

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