Pitaka MagEZ & Pitaka Air Case for iPhone 12 Pro Review

This year’s Apple iPhone 12 series comes with a ton of exciting and unique features like the MagSafe for the iPhone 12 Pro series. In case you don’t know, MagSafe is a series of proprietary magnetically attached power connectors which was earlier introduced with Macs and now with the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

And speaking of smartphone security, mobile cases are one of the contributing factors in it. So, while choosing a case for our smartphone, we should look out that it doesn’t hide all the features and spec a smartphone is being sold for. Like with the iPhone 12 Pro, we should check whether the cases support MagSafe or not, as we are paying Apple a hefty amount for these kinds of features and we don’t wanna hide it under a case/cover.

Pitaka MagEZ & Pitaka Air Case for iPhone 12 Pro Review
Pitaka MagEZ & Pitaka Air Case for iPhone 12 Pro Review

So, speaking of iPhone 12 Pro cases, we have come up with two exciting cases from PITAKA, the MagEX, and the Air case which will blow your mind, in a good way though. If you are looking for cases for your iPhone 12 Pro which supports MagSafe, then your search ends here.

PITAKA iPhone 12 Pro MagEZ Case

As the name suggests, PITAKA MagEZ is a MagSafe enabled case for iPhone 12 Pro. MagEZ is a lightweight and thin case made up of Premium Aramid Fiber which is compatible with Magnetic as well as wireless charging system like the one with the iPhone 12 series.

Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 Pro
Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 Pro

As we were saying, the MagEZ case is compatible with the Apple certified MagSafe accessories like MagSafe Charger, MagSafe Wallet, etc. As PITAKA is an Apple authorized vendor, there is nothing to worry about the compatibility of the cases with any type of accessories.

In the design department, there is nothing that is to be complained of, the case comes with a thin design, more precisely 0.85mm thick, and weighs less than 20 gms, that means it will not affect the iPhone 12 Pro design and measurement by a large margin, in a couple of weeks you will not even feel, that your iPhone 12 Pro is having a case or not.

The box content includes the MagEZ case in a cardboard cutout, a few cards, and a couple of stickers to adjust the size variations. The MagEZ case comes in eight colors: Black/Grey (Twill), Black/Blue (Twill), Black/Grey (Plain), Black/Red (Twill), Black/Red (Plain), Red/Orange (Herringbone), Black/Yellow (Twill), and Black/RoseGold (Twill) at a price tag of $49.99.

PITAKA iPhone 12 Pro Air Case

This is another case of PITAKA itself, the PITAKA Air Case for iPhone 12 series. It is an ultra-thin and lightweight case made up of the same 600D aramid fiber as the MagEZ. This is one of the thinnest cases PITAKA and its competitors offer. As the name suggests, the minimalist design accentuates the curves of your iPhone 12 and provides easy access to buttons and switches.

Pitaka Air Case for iPhone 12 Pro
Pitaka Air Case for iPhone 12 Pro

This case supports the wireless charging tech but not the latest MagSafe, which is one of the cons we noticed, but other than that it is a wonderful case with a great design and texture with a nominal thickness which makes it more user friendly for those users who don’t like a case in their smartphone but also in the same time, they care for their smartphone too.

The touch and feel of the case are silky and soft because of the aramid fiber and 0.65 mm thickness, which makes it one of its kind. The look is similar to the MagEZ case but with less weight and less thickness and a little bit different material.

The box content includes the Air case itself in a cardboard cutout, a few cards, and a couple of stickers to adjust the size variations. The Air case comes in only one color, i.e., black and grey in a diagonal texture, at a price tag of $59.99.

If you already own one, do drop your thoughts and experience in the comment section below!

PITAKA iPhone 12 Pro Cases Review
PITAKA iPhone 12 Pro MagEZ and Air Case Review
Bottom Line
Overall, these are one of the best cases available for the iPhone 12 Pro. The MagEZ is an overall package with everything you need in a case whereas the Air lacks the MagSafe compatibility but also is more thin and sleek than MagEZ - the thinnest & lightest case ever made for iPhone series.
Design and Style
Features (MagSafe & Wireless)
Supports MagSafe (in MagEZ) as well as Wireless Charging
Premium Design
Camera Protection
No Signal Interference
Expensive Than Alternatives
No MagSafe Support (in Air)
Final Review