Orqa FPV.One is the best FPV Goggles for drone racing and freestyle

Have you ever heard of a headset which lets you experience drone racing, drone freestyle or FPV simulation? If no is the answer then Orqa has brought to you the FPV.One which is a premium headset meant to give you the feel of drone racing, freestyle and FPV simulations. This headset from Oqqa comes with OLED screens as well as large Field of View and comes with features that the community wanted, Orqa says.

Orqa says that they have brought the best innovation to FPV Drone racing or First-person View drone racing with their Orqa’s FPV.One. The company claims that these are the best optical engines ever seen in compact FPV goggles.

Apart from that, Orqa FPV.One has high-end OLED micro-displays at a resolution of 1280 x 960 resolution. There is a 44-degree field of view on this headset which is the best FPV drone experience according to Orqa.

ORQA FPV.One headset
ORQA FPV.One headset

Along with that, the headset features the largest IPD range in the market which is 56-74mm and also has custom optical engines. Also, this headset supports multiple aspect ratios such as 4:3 as well as 16:9 and that too without image distortion.

Talking about FPV.One headset, it is not currently available for sale. However, there is a Kickstarter program where Orqa is collecting funds for this headset. At the moment, there are 465 backers for this project and they have already pledged $272,436 whereas Orqa set a goal of $33,691 only. There are still 27 days to go for this Kickstarter program but the program is already backed.

Also, Orqa says that they have the funding and the first production runs will be entirely funded by the company. This means that the proceeds from Kickstarter will go to the critical components and services necessary. However, Orqa also says that they will use the Kickstarter campaign’s proceeds only if they are confident of delivering the product.