According to the latest news, Oppo X Tom Ford slider smartphone images got leaked online. Oppo X is a new rollable smartphone concept. From the images, it seems that the phone comes with a pull up display panel that can roll in and out like a scroll. This hints that the company might be working on multiple concept phones together that coins with a rollable display.

Last month, Oppo introduced the Oppo X 2021 concept phone and this time, it is Oppo X. The device is designed by Tom Ford. LetsGoDigital has shared renders of the Oppo X Tom Ford slider smartphone concept which it claims to have gathered from company documentations.

When it is not rolled out, the smartphone can fit into your pockets easily. The screen can be pulled out from the top edge making it taller upon retraction. With this, as per reports, the display area increases by about 80 percent. The edges of the screen are rounded and the phone has two golden pull tabs on the sides for easy rolling of the screen. It can even be hung around the neck.

Images of Oppo X slider smartphone concept designed by Tom Ford surfaces online
Images of Oppo X slider smartphone concept designed by Tom Ford surfaces online

The concept phone comes with a triple camera setup in the rear with the sensors aligned horizontally in the top centre of the module. It seems the rear has a soft leather finish. On the other hand, the space around the camera has a wood grain structure with the following words engraced below the sensors “Oppo X Tom Ford – Design for concept Shakira”.

The phone comes with a metal frame with the SIM tray integrated in to the right edge. Note that, from the images, no selfie shooter could be identified so it remains to be seen how the company looks to integrate the selfie functionality into the phone.

As per some experts, the extended back portion could house a second screen which might have the potential to shoot selfies. Others suggest, there could also be an in display camera. Since it is a concept phone, its specifications can only be speculated.

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