Oppo has unveiled an all-new innovation done by the company. It is often seen that Oppo reveals the latest technology first out of all the other OEMs. However, the sad part is that Oppo’s technology takes time to come to their own phones, commercially. Having said that, it is still great to have a look at the future of technology.

Talking about the future, we have already seen under-display fingerprint sensors. Now, we know that they are not as great as physical sensors right now but they are a step in the right direction. Because they help in reducing bezels as well as removing fingerprint sensors from the back.

Oppo unveils world's first under-screen camera at MWC 2019 in Shanghai
Oppo unveils world’s first under-screen camera at MWC 2019 in Shanghai

It is often said that the future of smartphones would be all glass and everything will be hidden inside it. Well, this might turn out to be true at least from the front. As Oppo has unveiled its under-screen camera or USC technology which places the selfie camera under the display. This means that from a naked eye, you will feel that there is no selfie camera. However, there is one under the display which will be activated when you open the camera interface.

Now, one of the most difficult things for under-screen cameras are the light passing through the display and getting to the camera. As we all know, a camera can capture the image if the subject is enlightened. However, if enough light does not reach the camera then the images will be poor. Oppo says that they are using a “custom transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure for light to get through display and reach the camera”.

Oppo under-display camera
Oppo under-display camera

At the same time, Oppo says that the first batch of smartphones released with an under-screen camera will not have the best selfie image production. Oppo also says that this technology will come to its commercial phones “in the near future”.

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