Here is the first look at Oppo’s under-display selfie camera technology

Oppo has released a new video regarding its upcoming smartphone. If we tell you this much, you will feel that this is yet-another smartphone release from Oppo. But no, that is not the case and this video from Oppo is somewhat special. Oppo has just shown the world what it is working on. And we believe that this is the future of smartphone design for the next 5 years. This is the under-display selfie camera technology as Oppo likes to call it.

Basically, this is the technology with which we can have the selfie camera on our smartphones under the display. That too, the camera is hidden and we cannot see the camera while browsing content on the display. This is a solution to the notches, pop-up selfie cameras as well as the punch-hole displays that we have seen so far. Now that Oppo has released the video, it suggests that the prototype for such a smartphone is ready.

This means that smartphones with under-display cameras are coming soon. From the video, we can clearly see that the display just works as normal. However, when we open the camera and switch to selfie mode, we can see where the camera actually is. Now, it is very early to judge how the technology is but we will have to reserve our judgement for the future.

That being said, we do hope that the technology is almost ready to be put into smartphones. Because there is no way that notches or punch-hole displays will be seen on smartphones in the future. The other factor with under-display camera technology is the quality of selfie cameras.

At the moment, we don’t know how the selfie camera will be able to take pictures and how the quality of those images will be. But we do know that companies will figure out a way to give the best quality of cameras even with under-display camera technology.