Oppo Surpasses Huawei in Terms of 5G Adoption Rate

As the world is moving fast towards 5G, currently, faster bandwidth is one of the biggest selling points for new smartphones. Not only flagship models but budget devices are also arriving with 5G support. A new report has surfaced from China that states Oppo has surpassed Huawei in terms of 5G adoption rates for smartphones.

MScience reported that the adoption rate of 5G enabled devices for the Chinese tech giant surpassed its rival. The report comes with a graph that shows the trend of 5G adoption rates in both the US and China. The graph marks all the key events that led to either a rise or decline of 5G Android smartphones. The graph shows that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series initially led to the rise of 5G handset adoption in the US. O the other hand, China already had a steady growth of 5G before that.


It is to be noted that Americans received the stimulus checks around the same time so the 5G adaptation increased significantly during this time. On the other hand, during this time, despite being ahead of the US in 5G smartphone adoption rates, China saw a moderation in its growth. It happened because all of a sudden, demand for 4G devices increased in the region around the middle of the year. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series marked another rise in the US adoption rates of %G smartphones. During this time, China experienced moderate changes overall.

As discussed earlier, the report put forward that Oppo has managed to surpass Huawei in 5G adoption rate. This happened because Huawei suffered lots of damages due to the US trade restrictions. The trade restrictions led to the sharp decline of its smartphone business last year. Last year, when Huawei was cut off from its primary chip supplier, TSMC, Oppo launched a wide range of new handsets with 5G support.