Oppo has already announced the launch of a new sister brand which is named as Reno. This means that Oppo Reno will be the third brand from the company after OnePlus and Realme. However, we do know that Oppo and OnePlus are not having the best of relations right now. This is because of the massive success and popularity of OnePlus which has even surpassed Oppo’s. On the other hand, Realme is also making it big in the industry with its smartphones one after the other.

This has likely prompted Oppo to launch a new company which is different from its present lineup. We also reported that the Oppo Reno phone is likely to be launched next month. Similar reports have now emerged which say that the phone is indeed launching next month. As the launch is close, we now have our first look at the Oppo Reno phone.

And it is fair to say that the design is not conventional at all. Oppo has opted for a pop-up selfie camera on its Reno phone which is understandable. But the company has made a very weird design choice. This pop-up selfie camera on Reno lifts up from one side only. We have only seen pop-up selfie cameras which lift from both sides at once until now.

Also, there is a flash module in this pop-up camera setup on Oppo Reno. Another interesting aspect is that the module lifts from the right of this phone only. This shows that the camera will be slightly off-centre. Looking at the flash module, it is likely that this phone will be focused on camera performance from Oppo. On the other hand, Oppo Reno has a display with minimal bezels, dual rear cameras and glass design on the back which gives it a premium look.

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