As per the latest news, Oppo’s latest patent application has been spotted at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The leaked image shows off a smartphone with a detachable rear camera module.

This Oppo smartphone will have a cavity for a camera module in the rear which can be taken out for shooting photos and videos. Users will be able to place the module anywhere and use the phone to capture photos.

Oppo patent showing off a smartphone with detachable rear camera module spotted on WIPO
Oppo patent

The detachable camera module comes in a rectangular pill shape and features two sensors and an LED flash in the patent filing. There is a hidden USB Type C port in the camera module. You have to connect the camera module to the Type C port while clicking selfies. The USB port is accessible at 90 degrees and 180 degrees angles.

Oppo detachable rear camera patent
Oppo detachable rear camera patent

The patent also reveals that the rear camera module will have a flexible circuit board which indicates the company might mount Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules to make them remotely accessible without the Type C port. The module can house a lithium ion battery which will be charged via the phone itself.

If this camera module technology turns into reality within the next few years then we can expect Oppo to build more variants. For example, one module might offer 108 MP photos while the other offers 100x zoom. Let’s see if this technology gets real sometime soon or not.

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