We have seen that trends constantly change every year as far as smartphones are concerned. Last year, we saw that the trend in smartphones was to have a notch. It did not matter if the notch was big or small but all the flagships had a notch. This year, the trend in the display is to have a bezel-less look. This is done by putting punch-hole cameras or pop-up cameras.

However, the trends are also seen in the smartphone’s camera department too. In 2018, we saw that more and more smartphones came with dual cameras on the back. In early 2019, it seems that the trend has changed and we will see 3 or 4 rear cameras on smartphones this year. Apple’s iPhone 2019 is expected to have a triple camera set up at the back. Also, Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ came with a triple rear camera setup.

Also, smartphones this year are coming out with 48MP cameras at the rear. But we have also seen that these smartphones have a camera bump. This is because a 48MP camera requires a much bigger sensor. Though, Oppo seems to have achieved the feat which no one thinks is possible. This is the fact that Oppo’s 48MP camera phone will not have a camera bump.

This means that you can place the Oppo 48MP smartphone flat on the table. On the other hand, you cannot achieve the same on other 48MP smartphones. One of the users on Weibo claimed that Oppo’s 48MP smartphone will have a flat design. Also, the Weibo post mentions that this smartphone will impress people who have “beauty obsessive-compulsive disorder”.

Also, Oppo is expected to include a Snapdragon 855 chipset into its latest flagship smartphone. Oppo is also betting big on its latest smartphone as the company has already stocked up close to 2 Million units in order to avoid a shortage issue.

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