Some interesting details regarding the OnePlus TV have been leaked. However, we should first tell you that OnePlus is looking to announce a TV soon. No, this does not mean that OnePlus will stop production of its smartphones. However, OnePlus already announced that they are working on a 4K TV named OnePlus TV.

Now, the plans have been finalized if we go by the reports from Ishan Agarwal on Twitter. This 16-year-old tipster reveals that OnePlus TV might be announced soon. He says that one of his sources has revealed this detail to him. Also, he has some more details regarding the upcoming OnePlus TV.

Ishan says that the OnePlus TV will not have an OLED panel. Now, this is understandable so as to cut the costs of TVs. We already know that the OnePlus TV will have a 4K panel as it was announced by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. Another detail is that OnePlus TV might also support HDR content along with its 4K panel. This should make for a great viewing experience on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services.

Also, OnePlus is planning to launch it as a Xiaomi Mi TV 4 competitor which is also a 4K TV with HDR support for a price of less than Rs. 50,000 in India. This should also be the price that OnePlus TV might be announced in India. However, we are not sure about the launch and pricing details in other parts of the world.

OnePlus TV might be announced soon in India according to leak
OnePlus TV might be announced soon in India according to leak

Also, it makes sense for OnePlus to launch its TVs in China and India as it has manufacturing plants. Because importing TVs from China would increase the cost of TVs as well as increase production damage costs.

Now, we should wait and see how the OnePlus TV announcement and launch pans out. Till then, we have to wait for when the company decides to announce its TV.

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