For the last two weeks, there has been a handful of leaks and revelations regarding OnePlus TV. Frankly, OnePlus has not left much to the imagination about its upcoming TV. Starting from key features to the OnePlus TV official logo, everything has been leaked already. However, despite so many rumors, leaks, and official announcements, no one could get a photo of the television.

Recently, OnePlus founder, Liu Zuohu said that from the last week, the first OnePlus TV has been off the assembly line and this has been a big milestone in history as his two years old dream has been finally realized.

Last week, in an interview with India Today Tech, Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO shared that initially, OnePlus is going to launch the 55 inches variant of the model in India exclusively. Lau went on to say that the company will be following a “one market one model” strategy for the time being.

OnePlus CEO shares photos of OnePlus TV getting packaged at the factory
OnePlus CEO shares photos of OnePlus TV getting packaged at the factor

It seems that Lau could not hold himself any longer. He has shared two official photos of the smart television from his own Twitter handle. Both images show that OnePlus TV is being packaged at the factory. The images show a massive TV with a big screen and very narrow bezels all around and it looks similar to any other premium smart TV.

The screen interface looks similar to that of Android televisions. The latest leak suggests that the OnePlus smart TV will come with Android 9 Pie onboard along with the company’s very own optimizations to enhance the overall user experience.

It is heard that the smart TV is going to come with a QLED screen and it will be powered by an optimized version of Android TV OS. OnePlus joined hands with Google to prepare the optimized version of Android OS.

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