We know that OnePlus is all set to release its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 7, in the first half of this year. Also known is the fact that this will be the first out of 2 OnePlus flagships released this year. Now, we also have reports that OnePlus 7 will have a big change in terms of its design.

First of all, the smartphone will have triple cameras at the back. On the front, we will get a fully bezel-less design. This means that the selfie camera has to be shifted to the top in the form of a pop-up camera. Also, we expect the OnePlus 7 to be launched by the company in May 2019. This is looking at the past launch dates from OnePlus for its flagships.

However, Pete Lau, OnePlus’ CEO took to Weibo in order to share a post regarding the removal of the headphone jack. OnePlus CEO said that the removal of headphone jack from phones will mean that it will help in pushing the development of wireless earphones. Also, Pete Lau said that OnePlus Bullets Wireless is good at the moment. But they can still be improved and he asked for suggestions from users regarding the same.

All this indicates that OnePlus might be planning to release new wireless headphones this year. We might also see the first truly wireless earphones from OnePlus later this year. Because we have seen that OnePlus Bullets Wireless are not truly wireless as the Apple AirPods. There is a wire attached at both the ends of Bullets Wireless earbuds which keeps them attached to each other.

But the Apple AirPods are completely free from each other. Now, this is just a case of speculation and we might not see any new earphones from OnePlus. But the timing of Pete Lau’s post gives every indication that it might turn out to be true.

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