According to the latest news, OmniPax Design has created a new urban backpack. The company claims that this modern urban backpack will help keep your essential gadgets organized during your daily commutes or weekend travels. It is initially launched via crowdfunding. The company dubbed the modern urban backpack as a DAWN backpack. So far, the company has already raised over US $1 million.

The project has been backed by as many as 8000 so far. Right now, it is available at Indiegogo and its price starts from the US $129.

DAWN modern urban backpack starts from US $ 129
DAWN modern urban backpack starts from US $ 129

If you have to travel a lot for your work and you were indeed thinking about a backpack then you can consider this one from OmniPax Design. Right now, they are offering Early bird backers offer. Under this offer, buyers can get a massive benefit in terms of discounts.

The company announced a discount of 48 % from the recommended retail price of US $ 249. Worldwide shipping of DAWN backpack is expected to take place before the end of the year.

The company promises that the DAWN storage system and its dynamic features will make the life of its user less complicated by providing a simple and practical carrying solution for daily use, commute, photography, and traveling. The DAWN backpack provides an unbeatable organization system that adapts for additional items during your trip.

DAWN modern urban backpack starts from US $ 129
DAWN modern urban backpack

The unique magnetic snap, YKK zippers, dual-sided laundry cube, and premium fabrics let you store and access your gears effortlessly while traveling.

OmniPax Design said “While designing the DAWN backpack, we thought about all possible situations you go through daily and designed many innovative features to change the way gears are stored and accessed.

The Ultimate Urban Backpack keeps you organized for daily carry and weekend travels. Charge your devices on the go & light up your life.”

For more information, visit the Indiegogo campaign page.

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