Nvidia is planning to bring back more RTX 2060 and GTX 1050 Ti GPUs

According to the latest news, PCWorld has confirmed that Nvidia is planning on releasing stock of GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060 GPUs to its board partners in an attempt to deal with the stock shortages and high prices of its newer 30 series cards.

The Nvidia GPUs were expected to launch with affordable price tags but currently, they are not affordable at all. The GTX 1050 Ti came with a price tag of $139 when it launched in October 2016 but now, it is being sold at $189 on sites like Newegg and Amazon. Some third-party sellers were even asking between $250 to $350. On the other hand, RTX 2060 was launched in 2019 at a price tag of $349. And they are also being sold at a very high rate.

Hopefully, Nvidia will release the new stock to bring the prices down. Now, it completely depends on how many of the older chips Nvidia can make. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a global shortage of chips. The situation has gotten to the point that America’s newly elected president Joe Biden has pledged to do something about it. As per experts, Biden could possibly try out cutting the 25 per cent tariff that former President Trump put on graphics cards.

As of now, the best bet will be to keep an eye on prices for the GTX 1050 Ti and RTX 2060 to see whether they go down, otherwise, it is probably best to wait for the 30 series to become available again.