Nvidia is bringing Reflex, its latency reducing technology to Overwatch

Nvidia is bringing an update of its latency reduction tech, Reflex to the popular esports title Overwatch. This is aimed at reducing the amount of time between your mouse click and when you see the results on the screen. This will give the game a more responsive feel. It was first announced back in January that this technology will come to Overwatch. As of now, it is available to players who can access the PTR, and who have the latest Nvidia drivers.

Interestingly, even if you don’t have one of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards, you might still be able to try Reflex in Overwatch because even though the tech was announced alongside the 30 series graphics cards, it works on cards going back to the GTX 900 series.

In general, Nvidia has a well crafted in-depth explainer on how the tech works. The basic level overview is that the game will work with your GPU to make sure that the frames show up on your monitor as soon as you click your mouse.

When it comes to online games, latency can have different meanings. Nvidia has specified that it has not designed Reflex to improve the network latency. This means, if you have got a bad internet connection it would not probably improve your gaming experience. The difference in latency will be noticeable or not will depend on the type of equipment you are using. If you are a tester then it would probably be worth trying out and for others, it is something to look forward to.

Nvidia’s rival AMD has a similar feature that reduces input latency on its graphics cards. It is known as Radeon Anti-Lag. It can be turned on for Overwatch.