Nvidia announces new subscription schedule for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, Priority

Today, Nvidia announced a new subscription tier for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service, Priority. It will replace the existing paid Founders tier and come with RTX support. Nvidia said it will contain the same perks like extended session length. Nvidia is also increasing its subscription plan with the new offerings. Previously, subscriptions used to be at the rate of $4.99 per month but now, they are increased to $9.99 per month for new users. Nvidia will also start offering a yearly subscription plan at $99.99.

The company has announced that all active memberships who had a paid plan till 17th March will be eligible for the Founders pricing for life which comes less than $60 per year. Nvidia is also offering a free tier of GeForce Now but this tier restricts you to a one-hour session. The company said the price hike is meant to represent the platform’s evolution since it launched in the beta way back in 2015.

Nvidia said in a statement, “As GeForce Now enters year two, and rapidly approaches 10 million members, the service is ready to kick things up a notch. GeForce Now launched out of beta last February with Founders memberships — a limited time, promotional plan. On Thursday, Founders memberships will close to new registrations and Priority memberships, the new premium offering, will be introduced.”

Clearly, anyone who has tried out GeForce Now with a Founders subscription but let the subscription lapse would be displeased to find out the new pricing. An Nvidia spokesperson said, “Members need to be subscribed to the Founders membership as of 3/17/2021, and keep their membership in good standing, to be eligible for the benefit. If you were previously a Founders member but downgraded, unfortunately, you’re not eligible.”

It must be noted that recently, Nvidia has not sold monthly memberships instead, it sold a promotional six-month bundle at $24.99. This makes it more likely that someone who subscribed any time in the last few months will be able to enjoy the Founders pricing perk.

Nvidia said the technology will keep improving over time. Its new game onboarding, “GFN Thursday” will jump from 10 new titles added per week to 15 by the end of this year. Apart from this, later this month, GeForce Now will get support for Adaptive Vsync which “synchronizes frame rates at 60 or 59.94 Hz server-side to match the display client-side, reducing stutter and latency on supported games.”

Nvidia also said that it will release a “new adaptive de-jitter technology” to increase bit rates for games streamed over slower networks. Other benefits like account linking for games with cross-platform support and preloading improvements are coming soon by the next two months. The company said, by this year, it will add a data centre capacity in Phoenix, Arizona, and bring online its first Canadian data centre in Montreal. Both these will help reduce wait times.