If you are familiar with the NVIDIA GeForce series, you must be a PC die-hard or a gamer. This is because the NVIDIA GeForce is a great chip for gaming. Also, it is used as a graphics processing unit in the PC which accelerates the gaming performance. Now, we have the details regarding the latest chipset from NVIDIA GeForce series. These chipsets are known to be releasing very soon. We know that CES is going to be held really very soon in the next 20 days. And it is believed that NVIDIA will release their latest chips at the CES next month.

Talking about the chipsets, NVIDIA GeForce’s latest chips will be named as RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080. These are mobile versions of NVIDIA’s chips as well as their Turing cards. Now, the leak of all these chips has come from a Chinese OEM.

A Chinese OEM, on their website, accidentally published the specs of unreleased chips early. That article was taken down as soon as they realized the mistake. But then, this is the day and age of internet and nothing gets hidden from the world.

Now that the specifications of these chips are known, we can give you all the details about the same. It is found out that GeForce RTX 2080 MXM will pack the same number of CUDA cores as the desktop version which is 2944. Also, the clocks are identical as well.

Apart from that, RTX 2070 is mostly the same as its desktop version. The GeForce RTX 2060 features 1536 CUDA cores running at a base clock of 1320 MHz and a boost frequency of 1620.

According to the leaked documents, the RTX 2060 will come as soon as January 15. This means that the chip will come straight after the CES launch. These chips are also mentioned as “hardware overclocking versions” which possibly means that you can overclock these chips without thermal throttling.

Via – WCCF Tech

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