According to the latest news, YouTuber Mr. Mobile aka Michael Fisher has shown off a prototype HMD device that could have revived the Nokia N95 name. The video featured in his “When Phones were fun” series.

Though HMD, the parent company of Nokia has decided to shelf the project for unknown reasons, they sent the prototype device to Michael Fisher, the host of MrMobile.

The video provides more than just a nostalgic look because Fisher has also got his hands on an unreleased prototype device from Nokia licensee HMD Global that could serve as a follow up to the N95.

A Prototype for Nokia N95 follow up appears on YouTube
A Prototype for Nokia N95 follow up appears on YouTube (Source: Engadget)

The non-functional prototype which appears about six minutes into the video has a slider display that hides an array of cameras and speakers. In the video, Fisher mentions that with the return of the Moto Razr and odd efforts like LG’s Wing, it would be nice to see someone else taking a different tack with their hardware. However, even he said that the odds of working out well is really slim.

Still, the tech world is full of hopes so we can expect some phone manufacturers to sees this and try this out somehow.

From the front, it looks like any other modern smartphone with a slab-like design but there is a hidden slide function that enables the display panel of the device to slightly slide down horizontally revealing a thin panel containing an array of speaker grills, a wide-angle camera an ultra wide-angle camera, and a flash. It also sports a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

In the rear, it has a fingerprint sensor and a circular Carl Zeiss camera module with a nifty ring Users will be able to can pop this ring upwards to create a kickstand to prop the device on any flat surface.

Michael Fisher @theMrMobile posted “The Nokia N95 was the last great phone to launch before the iPhone – and it was such a blockbuster that HMD Global almost brought it back! Join me to revisit the legendary N95, and get an exclusive look at its canceled reboot, on ‘When Phones Were Fun!’ ”

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