Having a new gaming controller always drag our interest! Likewise, here we got a new patent for Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Con. It has been reported that Nintendo comes with a new handle design similar to the current Switch Joy Controller. It seems the patent was originally filed by Nintendo Japan in May 2018 and now they made it internationally in the month of April 2020.

From the patent description and with multiple images, the new patent display handle in the shape and function of the key is basically the same as Joy-Con. We can notice a major difference mainly in the left and right handle front is missing the “return to the main interface” button and “screenshot” button.

Nintendo patents a standalone Switch Joy controller
Nintendo patents a standalone Switch Joy controller

In addition, there is a detail that the handle is no longer surrounded by a side connector that can be connected to the console (again, it cannot be hung on the grip), and speculation is that it may be a completely stand-alone design.

Nintendo introduced the non-removable Switch Lite last year, which does not have HD rumble or an IR motion camera sensors, except for handheld mode only. The handle in the new patent may be extended hardware for these models to achieve a gaming experience that Switch Lite cannot currently complete.

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