A new PUBG Game announced which will be overseen by developer of Call of Duty

We have already known how popular PUBG has become. The popularity of this game is more in Asian countries such as India, China and other markets. This is partly because Fornite is popular in the Western markets which is why PUBG comes second in those markets. Nonetheless, PUBG has created a revolution in the gaming industry and has made the Battle Royale genre a fan-favourite. Now, we are aware that PUBG was first available on PC and then ported on to mobile devices too. However, it must be said that the game is popular on all the platforms.

Also, you can play PUBG on Xbox as well as PlayStation which adds to the game’s popularity. Now, PUBG Corporation has announced a new PUBG game which will be overseen by the developer of the famous games such as Dead Space and Call of Duty. The game has not been provided with a title yet and is being developed by a new studio called Striking Distance. The studio’s CEO is Glen Schofield who has developed Call of Duty and Dead Space.

At the moment, the new PUBG Game is in early stages but PUBG Corp. says that the game is an “original narrative experience within the PUBG universe”. Since the game is still in development, more details regarding its release are not available. However, the new game is confirmed to not have a battle royale-style of gameplay. A Battle Royale-style gameplay means survival of the fittest and the last person standing wins.

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In the new PUBG Game, you will not have the same experience which might be welcome for some and a disappointment for others. Rather, the new PUBG Game will have a storyline similar to the other games such as GTA, for instance. However, the new PUBG Game is not believed to be a replacement but only a new version of the original game in the same universe.