New Call of Duty Update Will Shrink the Overall Game Size

According to the latest news, finally, Activision is doing something about the file size of recent Call of Duty games. Activision announced that after the next update, both Modern Warfare and the free to play Warzone will be much lighter in terms of size. In general, the total game space required depends upon what platform you are using to play the game and which content packs you have installed. If you install both games fully then it will at least consume 30 GB of your storage space. According to the company, they will be rolling out the said update on 30th March.

However, even though the new update will be much lighter for your hard drive, downloading it won’t be easy. Activision said one time Season Two Reloaded update will be larger than usual. For users who only play Warzone, it will be up to 57 GB. The only positive to take from this is that future updates would not be as big as this.

Call of Duty

In the blog post, Activision clearly said that space saving comes from file optimizations and “streamlining content packs.” With this update, users will be allowed to remove individual content packs that they are not using. For example, if you only play Call of Duty with your friends then you will be allowed to uninstall single player and Special Ops. The blog post mentions that to get the optimized versions, users will have to reinstall content packs.

Now, let us elaborate on the specific space savings for different platforms. For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Warzone will consume 10.9 GB and Warzone and Modern Warfare together will consume 30.6 GB. For Xbox Series and Xbox One, Warzone will consume 14.2 GB and Warzone and Modern Warfare together will consume 33.6 GB.  Lastly, for PC, Warzone will consume 11.8 GB and Warzone and Modern Warfare together will consume 30.6 GB.