Microsoft Paint gets new features in the latest Windows 10 update

We all would agree that the first ever image editor that we ever used would have been Microsoft Paint or Ms Paint. IF you are a long time Mac user, things would be different. But it is certainly true for all the Windows users out there. Therefore, it is quite common that we got attached to Microsoft Paint and its versatility back in the day. Now, things have changed and we have a lot more feature rich and way better image editors available. But we still have a soft corner for MS Paint.

Therefore, when Microsoft announced that MS Paint is getting abandoned, people were not happy at all. Later, Microsoft heard the user feedback and said that they have dropped plans to stop support for MS Paint. Earlier, Microsoft has said that the MS Paint app would move from Windows 10 and into the Microsoft App Store. Also, it meant that the app would not be updated any longer. But that plans seem to have also been cancelled.

Because Microsoft has just announced a new update for MS Paint with the latest update to Windows 10. Here is the company’s statement while announcing this new update:

We know that Microsoft Paint (MSPaint) is well-loved by customers and we’re pleased to announce new accessibility features coming to Microsoft Paint with the release of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

We’ve introduced the keyboard as a primary input mechanism. Microsoft Paint is already fully functional with mouse and multi-touch tablet input, but customers will now be able to use the app and draw with only their keyboard.

Basically, Microsoft, in this latest update, adds keyboard controls inside the app. We can now use Arrow keys, Space bar and CTRL buttons to navigate around the application. This can also come in handy when the touch bar of your laptop is dead and you have no option but to use your keyboard for navigation.