Microsoft plans to launch its Edge Browser’s Beta version in Linux next month.  Earlier this year, Microsoft released the new Chromium-based Edge browser for both Windows and Mac OS. As promised at the company’s Ignite 2019 event,  we are now finally receiving the revised Chromium Edge for Linux.

Microsoft announced the launch timetable for Edge on Linux at its Ignite 2020 virtual event. This Linux preview is part of Microsoft’s broader push towards tempting businesses to use Edge. Microsoft is targeting more IT professionals and Developers by making Edge available on Linux.

Microsoft wants Edge to be the “browser for business.” To make this happen, Microsoft promises various developer tools, extensions support, web drivers, test automation and more as well. Other features will be added in future as well with stable version and future updates.

Microsoft’s Edge browser Beta launching on Linux next month
Microsoft’s Edge browser Beta launching on Linux next month

Edge for Linux will be available in the dev preview channel starting next month. After the launch, Linux Users will be able to download the preview version from the Microsoft Edge Insider website. You can download it from your native Linux Package manager as well. Microsoft will start the Ubuntu and Debian distributions in the future along with support for Fedora and OpenSUSE.

Pflug said, “Linux stands out in that, while it has a relatively small desktop population in terms of what you might call typical consumer or end-user, developers are often overrepresented in that population, and especially in areas like test automation, or CI/CD workloads for their web apps.

With the Edge being available on Linux, Chromebook users will now be able to run Edge as a Linux Application. Earlier, we could only install Edge on Chromebook as an Android app.

Aside from Edge for Linux, Microsoft also announced a preview of Kiosk mode on Edge. They wrote, “Together with assigned access, it creates a locked-down and tailored browsing experience on Windows 10 for kiosks and digital signage.” Also, both WebView 2 and Visual Studio Code 1.0 extension will be available in the coming months.

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