Microsoft reportedly tried acquiring Pinterest

According to the latest news, Microsoft has reportedly held talks with Pinterest in an attempt to acquire it. The Financial Times reported that Microsoft approached Pinterest in recent months about a deal but as of now, the talks are “not active.” As per reports, if the deal was made, it would have been Microsoft’s biggest acquisition till date. Pinterest is valued at $51 billion.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s interest in Pinterest signals an emerging strategy for its continued cloud push. Microsoft has been trying to convince more big online services to use its Azure cloud offerings. Currently, Amazon’s AWS dominates this part of the market. So as per the strategy, big names like Pinterest has the potential of drawing additional Azure customers.

We have first seen this strategy from Microsoft when it tried to acquire TikTok. The TikTok deal was not successful. However, if the deal was successful, it would have offered Microsoft valuable data and an outlet for its myriad of other services. It would have convinced a good part of the market to go with Azure instead of AWS.

So far, Microsoft has acquired some significant companies under CEO Satya Nadella. A few years back, it acquired GitHub with a US $ 7.5 billion deal. Microsoft’s US $ 26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn was its first major acquisition under Nadella. As per reports, as of now, Microsoft is in the final stages of acquiring Bethesda at $ 7.5 billion.