According to the latest news, from today, Microsoft is releasing x64 emulation on Windows for ARM to testers. Back in September, the company announced that the feature is making a come back.

The feature will be available to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. It will allow users to run 64-bit apps that have not yet been compiled for their ARM-powered devices.

In simple words, this means, if you just got one of the new Surface Pro Xs and are willing to install a Windows update long before it is ready for public release, then as per Microsoft, you should be able to play games like Rocket League and run productivity apps like AutoDesk’s Sketchbook.

Microsoft releases x64 emulation on Windows for ARM to testers
Microsoft releases x64 emulation on Windows for ARM to testers

However, there is a genuine unanswered concern that how well they will run. In the recent past, we have seen that Windows on ARM’s emulation has been pretty rough. Still, some of us will consider running an app poorly than not being able to run it at all.

So it would be a welcome move from the consumer’s end but it would be irrational to expect to see the same emulation performance that ARM Mac brethren offers.

As of now, Microsoft has not yet disclosed anything that when the emulation might come to the main builds of Windows. Microsoft said that it “looks forward to the feedback from our Windows Insider community”.

Note that this is a pre-beta OS, so it will not be a great idea to install it on a computer that you use regularly for work. However, if you can’t wait to run 64-bit apps on your ARM-powered Windows device then you can join the Windows Insider program and follow the following set of instructions to get emulation working.

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