Microsoft’s next Xbox has been codenamed ‘Project Scarlet’ – coming in 2020

Microsoft has revealed details about the upcoming Xbox after its Xbox One which was released years ago. We know that Sony has already released details about its upcoming PS5. And now, Microsoft has done the same for its next Xbox codenamed ‘Project Scarlett’. But we know that the upcoming Xbox will be named as the Xbox Two.

Also, Microsoft has announced that the next Xbox is coming in Fall 2020. Also, the upcoming Xbox will be available by the holiday season of 2020. We also know that the next PlayStation is expected to be available by that time. This means that the next holiday season is going to be awesome for gamers out there.

Coming back to what Microsoft announced at E3 gaming conference, the company said that next Xbox will be 4x faster than the current Xbox One X. At the moment, Xbox One X is the fastest Xbox out there which is on par with the PS4 Pro from Sony. Microsoft, same as Sony’s PS4, sells an Xbox One S as well which is the Xbox for masses. The company reveals that next year’s Xbox lineup will have two consoles at launch.

Xbox Project Scarlett
Xbox Project Scarlett

This is opposed to the current lineup of Xbox One S and X which were released at different times. Also, the next Xbox from Microsoft will have SSD support, DDR6 RAM and Ray Tracing as well as 8K gaming support. Microsoft also claims that with SSD support, the Xbox Two will be 40x faster in read/write speeds.

Apart from that, we now know that the latest version of Microsoft’s popular “Halo” videogame will be coming to Xbox in 2020. This means that the company is already creating hype around its next Xbox. Also, Microsoft has informed that next Xbox will have show up to 120 fps and have a variable refresh rate.