Last month, Microsoft launched the xCloud game streaming service on Android and now it is looking to roll it out on iPhones and iPads. Business Insider claims that Microsoft’s gaming chief, Phil Spencer, recently revealed that the xCloud game streaming service will be available on Apple’s mobile devices within some time next year. As of now, Microsoft allows iOS users to stream Xbox games from their console to their smartphones.

According to the report, Phil Spencer conveyed that in one of the company’s recent meetings, the company told its employees that “we absolutely will end up on iOS with Game Pass.”

The company is developing an xCloud app that it hopes to eventually release on iPhones and iPads. The service is expected to first hit Apple devices in the form of a direct browser based solution which has the potential to run on any iOS and iPadsOS device via any standard mobile browser.

Microsoft announces xCloud services at iOS platform in 2021
Microsoft announces xCloud services at iOS platform in 2021

Spencer, later in the same meeting has further claimed that the Game Pass would also come to Windows 10 PCs by the next year. There is no doubt that the Windows version will be rolled over smoothly without much drama but it will be interesting to see what happens when it rolls out for Apple operating system. Apple had done a good amount of wrangling in the past when they had to admit Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia apps to the App Store.

After releasing a public preview version late last year, Microsoft officially launched its xCloud gaming service in September 2020. As of now, Apple continues to block it on iOS as Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service does not comply with current App Store guidelines. At that time, Apple said that apps like are those are not given the green signal to stay in Apple platforms because Apple cannot review each game title individually like other normal App Store releases.

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