Back in July, Microsoft promised to bring Cortana on iOS and Android platforms and now with its latest update to Teams on iOS, Microsoft has finally fulfilled its promise. The company added Cortana into the mix. With this Cortana feature, users will be able to easily make calls and issue voice commands to send messages & join meetings. According to Microsoft, this feature will be made available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise users in the U.S. in English.

In the change log in Apple App Store, Microsoft Teams version 2.0.21 brings Cortana support. Apart from allowing users to send messages, make calls, and join meetings with the user’s voice, it also comes with some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft adds Cortana support for Teams on iOS
Microsoft adds Cortana support for Teams on iOS

Microsoft has also added a few new features for the Android platform. For example, there is an option to reduce the data used while the user is on a video call. However, this will be only convenient if the user is in an area with limited connectivity or have a metered internet connection. This update also brings a daily agenda view that shows upcoming meetings.

With this, new settings are brought into action to reduce the number of data Teams use while the video is on. It uses Teams to call people in the user’s device’s contacts app. interestingly, it also chooses which number to dial for contacts with more than one phone number. The best part is, it comes with a single sign-in access for bots and tools in Team.

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded on both Play Store and the Apple App Store. In an official statement, Microsoft said “Cortana uses AI and the Microsoft Graph to provide voice assistance in Teams. To stay connected to your team even when you have your hands full, you can ask Cortana to make a call, join a meeting, send chat messages, share files, and more.

These voice assistance experiences are delivered using Cortana enterprise-grade services that meet Microsoft 365 privacy, security, and compliance commitments.”

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