Foldable smartphones are the future-generation of today’s smartphone era. OEMs are trying their best to conquer the technology as soon as possible. We have already seen a bunch of foldable smartphones from OEMs like Samsung and Huawei. But brands like Xiaomi remained silent for a long time, but it seems like they aren’t totally silent, they just didn’t want to show off their unfinished product. Earlier this year, a few spy photos of a Xiaomi foldable smartphone surfaced but since then there was no news about that. Now, we have more live photos of the upcoming Mi Mix Foldable phone, revealing the backside of the device.

In case you don’t know, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix lineup is just an experimental set of smartphones, Xiaomi produces and releases these smartphones commercially before they actually introduce them to the main Mi, Redmi, and POCO lineups. For example, Xiaomi developed the Mi Mix Alpha, a dual-sided smartphone, it was great, unique, and experimental but never released to the general public for the first-hand experience.

Mi Mix Foldable

Now, coming back to the Mi Mix Foldable phone. It looks like a replica of the already announced smartphones from Samsung (the original Samsung Galaxy Fold) and Huawei (the latest Mate X2). Unlike last time, this prototype doesn’t have any actual screen, which means it is just a mold of the upcoming smartphone.

Mi Mix Foldable

But the photos reveal the rear side of the smartphone with the actual design and the camera housing. The smartphone to have a triple camera setup at the rear. But again it is just a prototype of the smartphone, so the final design can be totally different and it could be a similar design as well, everything depends upon Xiaomi. In the same row, the rear design has the traditional MIX branding in a vertical manner.

Mi Mix Foldable

According to the photos, the hinges suggest that the smartphone will be foldable but since there is no screen, so it is kind of tough to predict the display. But let’s hope that they have actually learned from the mistakes of Samsung & Huawei and they are going to implement a better display with less hazel and fewer repair costs.

As it is in its early development, so it is hard to assume the hardware specifications of the smartphone. It is going to take at least another 2 quarters to actually see a proper model. So, in those 4-5 months we will be seeing a bunch of new products in the field of camera, system-on-chip, so it would be much better to wait for a few more leaks and renders.

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