Xiaomi has finally announced the launch date of its Mi Band 4. According to a post shared on China’s social media platform Weibo, we know that Mi Band 4 is releasing on June 11. This means that we will get our first look at the Mi Band 4 in just a week’s time. However, we know thus far that the launch is limited to China only for now. Well, this is not entirely surprising too because Xiaomi launches its products in China first. Later, the company brings the products to other regions as per demand and feedback.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 invite

From the invite, we can identify the number 4 which says Xiaomi Mi Band 4. But we should also take note of the fact that Xiaomi has decided to go with Mi Band 4 branding. Because we know that Chinese people believe 4 to be an unlucky number. Most of the Chinese OEMs also don’t release smartphones or other products with number 4 in it. Also, Xiaomi released the Mi 4 as well which shows that the company does not believe in that ideology.

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Below the Mi Band 4, we can see the numbers 6 and 11 which are for month and day of launch. It is clear that 6/11 is the launch date which means June 11 in terms of Chinese date/number system. According to reports regarding Mi Band 4, it is going to have a coloured display for the first time. This can be seen from the launch invite as well.

The band shown in the invite picture has a CMYK wheel showing that it is a coloured one. Also, we can see a circle on the base of the Band 4 display. This will replace the current hole-type surface which is present on Mi Band 3 display. Presumably, we will see a bigger display on the Mi Band 4 than the Mi Band 3.

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