We have seen that the Qualcomm chips have essentially dominated the smartphone market in recent times. While one of the biggest chip manufacturers, Intel, tried its luck in the mobile chip market, it failed to do so. This is also the reason why Intel decided to sell its smartphone modem business to Apple. Now, the closest competitor right now to Qualcomm is MediaTek. While we generally don’t associate MediaTek chips with flagship phones, they are seen on some budget smartphones.

Now, the company has made a big announcement and decided to focus on the flagship segment as well. In particular, MediaTek is looking to capture the flagship gaming smartphone market. At the moment, we know that there are plenty of gaming smartphones and there is some demand for those smartphones too. Due to this reason, Qualcomm recently launched its Snapdragon 855 Plus which is an upgrade to its Snapdragon 855, focused on gaming smartphones.

MediaTek announces flagship gaming-focused Helio G90 mobile chips
MediaTek announces flagship gaming-focused Helio G90 mobile chips

Basically, Snapdragon 855 Plus is an overclocked version of Snapdragon 855 for better gaming performance. Similarly, MediaTek has now launched a new series of chips called the G90 series. This series contains Helio G90 and Helio G90T processors. These processors contain an octa-core CPU which is clocked at 2.05 GHz and comes with ARM Cortex-A76 and A55 cores same as Qualcomm and Huawei.

For graphics, the MediaTek G90 series includes a Mali G76 GPU along with support for up to 10GB RAM and speeds of up to 800MHz. MediaTek says that its G90 series chips come with “HyperEngine” technology, which consists of several features that are designed to boost the performance of smartphone games.

These chips from MediaTek also have an intelligent network prediction engine which switches from WiFi to LTE if the network quality degrades to give a smoother performance. Also, these chips from MediaTek support HDR10 displays too. With the MediaTek G90 series, we might see some gaming phones launched in the budget and mid-range segment soon.

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