It has been reported that in Japan, a man is arrested for modding and reselling PlayStation 3. More precisely, the name of the arrested person is Tadaaki Abe and he was arrested yesterday from Kagawa area of Japan. It was reported that Tadaaki Abe is aged forty four years.

NHK reported that Tadaaki Abe is accused of jail breaking PS3s which means that the game discs could be copied and then played without reinserting them. NHK also revealed that Abe sold the modded PS3 at the rate of 15555 yen (which is approximately 145 US $). Abe sold it to a man living in Tokyo who was in his 40s.

Man Arrested in Japan for selling modded PS3
Man Arrested in Japan for selling modded PS3

This breaks not single but multiple laws at once. With this transaction, Abe broke not only the Japanese trademark law but also violated the country’s Unfair Competition Prevention Law. Unfair Competition Prevention Law protects the rights of companies to sell their products.

It is reported that the modded PS3 was sold back in July 2018 only through an online auction site and Abe himself confirmed the transaction. In an affidavit, Abe said that he did this for income.

Abe is a part time worker. His home was raided by the authorities. The authorities found as many as 40 PlayStation 3 consoles in his apartment and they are currently investigating whether the PlayStation consoles are modded or not.

The PS3 in question is a Yakuza 3 special edition PlayStation that has been released exclusively for the Japanese market. The deck has a beautiful white finish with two dragons etched into it. It should be noted that unmodded units of the Yakuza 3 edition PlayStation is priced around 250 US $ on websites like eBay.

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